Hearthstone Descent of Dragons: Top Decks and How to Pilot Them

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Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons set has arrived, you’ve already seen most of the cards it’s got to offer, and the competition’s already well underway to see who comes out on top this meta.

If you want to be on pace for the end-of-season awards, you better know what to expect out there in ranked play.


Lucky for you, we’ve gotten our hands on some of the top decks of the moment. Plan accordingly!

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Galakrond Shaman

The raw power behind Galakrond Shaman is simple enough to understand: it Invokes way too fast and too often. Sure, making the Shaman version of Galakrond spit out empowered Storms with Rush is already bad enough – but it isn’t just the big boss of the expansion that gets some love. Empowering Dragon’s Pack with 5/6 Taunt Wolves is also proving a problem for opposing decks.

The combination of The Witchwood’s Shudderwock just pushes the deck over the top, triggering the double-Invokes of every Corrupt Elementalist you’ve played up to that point on top of everything else. That includes any Troll Batriders and Sandstorm Elementals you’ve played earlier, blasting apart the opponent’s defences.

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Key Cards

  • Galakrond, the Tempest
  • Corrupt Elementalist
  • Dragon's Pack
  • Shudderwock

Deathrattle Rogue

Rogues and Deathrattle-centric decks are as old as Hearthstone itself, and truth be told there isn’t a whole lot of Descent of Dragons cards to improve it.

It isn’t an Invoke-centric strategy by any means, after all – its biggest upgrade is probably Flik Skyshiv, used to permanently take out problem minions even if they’re still in the opponent’s deck. Still, the deck's core is built around using Necrium cards to trigger Mechanical Whelp's 7/7 Mechanical Dragons Deathrattle as often as possible.

Otherwise, the most common inclusion from Descent of Dragons may actually be Bloodsail Flybooter. A one-drop that gives you more one-drops goes excellently with Magic Carpet, after all, giving the deck some early-game presence.

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Key Cards

  • Necrium Blade
  • Mechanical Whelp
  • Necrium Apothecary
  • Necrium Vial

Pirate Warrior

Of course, while Rogue makes use of Bloodsail Flybooter, the real deckhands are going full Warrior for face-mashing effect. The new set’s wealth of pirates, along with everything else that was already in the game, makes for devastating effect. While there are good Galakrond support cards in the class, the real combo is Skybarge, Ancharrr, and any pirate in combination with Parachute Brigand for a constant rain of board damage, keeping you in the lead.

Finally, if you’re not running Hoard Pillager to keep the Ancharrr/Skybarge engine going, you’re not having enough fun.

Key Cards

  • Ancharrr
  • Skybarge
  • Parachute Brigand
  • Hoard Pillager



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Written ByJames Chen@Obscurica