Harvest Moon: One World: UK Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Characters, Pre-Order And Everything You Need To Know

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Harvest Moon One World is the next game instalment of the classic farming title - set to arrive on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

The Harvest Moon franchise has been published by Nintendo for nearly two decades now.

Harvest Moon: One World is the next title in the series, and we couldn't be more excited to be able to play it this year!

A series that has drawn similarities to the Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon has always been more focused on farming than any other title and it has excelled in this area.

The second Harvest Moon entry onto the Nintendo Switch is making its way to shelves soon.

Here's what we know about Harvest Moon One World.

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Release Date

The game will release on the 2nd March 2021!

According to the trailer that dropped recently, Harvest Moon One World will be releasing a little earlier than we expected.

The game will release in the UK and other regions on the 5th of March 2021.


Here's the trailer we've been waiting for:

What Is Harvest Moon One World About?

Harvest Moon is a farm simulation role-playing game, that first released in Japan on the SNES in 1996, later arriving in North American in 1997 and Europe in 1998.

The game follows a young man charged with maintaining the farm he inherits from his grandfather.

The primary objective is to restore and maintain a farm that has fallen into disrepair.

One World unfolds in a strange vegetable-less timeline where the general populace lives out their existence blissfully unaware of the power of a good cabbage. 

With over 30 unique instalments during its two-decade run, One World will likely benefit from a luxurious overhaul as it arrives for the first time to Nintendo Switch; just as Animal Crossing New Horizons has done.

Here's what the product description reads for One World:

"Explore a world of new and familiar faces, unique villages and adventurous challenges, while managing your growing farm.

Can you imagine a world without tomatoes, strawberries, or cabbage? Buoyed by a mysterious discovery, set out on an adventure that goes beyond your hometown, spanning the whole world! What kind of people and places await? From the gorgeous beaches of Halo-Halo to the snowy mountains of Salmiakki, there’s an entire world to explore.

Harvest Moon: One World features an all-new engine and graphics, creating a brand-new way of exploring Harvest Moon for seasoned players and new generations alike."


Harvest Moon One World will only be playable on the Nintendo Switch and PS4!

It's unlikely to release on Xbox platforms or PC.

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You can check it out on the Nintendo Store now and receive a free keyring!

You can pre-order the game now:

New Engine

As posted on the official Nintendo UK listing for Harvest Moon, One World is "features an all-new engine and graphics, creating a brand-new way of exploring Harvest Moon for seasoned players and new generations alike."

What this means for the game is unknown as of now, but we can assume there will be a complete overhaul of the graphics as opposed to the last Harvest Moon entry in 2017.


We manage to catch a little gameplay in the trailer above, for example, we know romancing will return!

Beyond that, it looks like a lot of the classic mechanics will return, but we will also get a new Expand-O-Farm which will let you take your farm with you on your travels.


We'll have to wait a little longer before we learn more but thankfully it isn't that many weeks until the game releases!


Age Rating

The game is rated PEGI 3.

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