Halo TV Show Trailer and Premiere Date Released

After years in development hell, Halo is finally getting its own TV series. While we saw a teaser previously, a new trailer gives an extended look at the big-budget production (via the show's Twitter page).

We catch another glimpse at Master Chief while giving us our best look yet at the adaptation's version of Cortona.

Halo TV Show Trailer and Premiere Date Released

Pablo Schreiber takes the lead role with the show set to air on March 24, 2022, on Paramount+.

A variety of enemies have been taken straight out of the game, from Elites, Jackals to even Brutes. Chief and co. It also sports iconic franchises vehicles like Warthogs and Pelicans, alongside weapons like the iconic Energy Sword.

Jen Taylor also reprises her role as Cortona, but as you can see below, it's a very different look to the A.I.

The TV series is coming off the highly-successful Halo Infinite, which marks the biggest launch for the franchise yet. Coming off Cyber Showdown, fans are preparing for the return of Fracture: Tenrai.

Talks of bringing Halo to Hollywood began way back in 2005, but it never came to fruition. Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg were attached to the project for years while producing several screenplays for the production - most notably one by Ex Machina's Alex Garland.

Master Chief from the TV show looks on.
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After the series' initial announcement in 2013, it's taken almost a decade for the show to finally air on Paramount+.

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