Halo: MCC ‘Insiders’ testing cross-play with Halo 4 on PC

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Back in August, developer 343 Industries confirmed that cross-platform play would be coming to The Master Chief Collection.

PC Gamer reports that this feature is now being tested as part of the current Halo 4 PC test flight, which is exclusive to members of the Halo Insider program. Typically, portions of Halo: MCC get tested on PC through the Insider test flights and are then added to the full release some weeks later.


According to PC Gamer, the test build of Halo 4 supports cross-play between PC and Xbox One in traditional multiplayer modes, Forge, and Firefight. Campaign and Spartan Ops co-op is excluded — at least for the time being.

For most modes, the Master Chief Collection’s matchmaking will separate players by input type — keyboard-and-mouse players from controller players, basically.

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“With input-based matchmaking and cross-play, the goal is to break down as many barriers between players as possible, but to split players by something that has a direct impact on their moment-to-moment gameplay experience,” technical designer Dana Jerpback said in August.


“In a playlist like Infection, when cross-play and input-based matchmaking features come online, we’re not going to limit by input at all. The same can be said for something like Firefight. We don’t believe that there is a need to lock players by input in these areas.”

From the sound of things, we can probably expect to see Halo 4 PC and cross-play functionality going live sometime in November.