Halo Infinite: 343 Discusses Controversial New "Coating" System

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343 Industries have spoken about the new coating system on a new blog post.


“Coloration, along with materials and patterns, will now be baked into the coating, taking the place of the primary/secondary armor color options found in prior games," the blog reads.

"While we understand that many players are fond of the previous color system, we’re very excited about the breadth and scope of armor, weapon, and vehicle customization options that will be available in Halo Infinite because of the coating system.”

“We know this is a lot to wrap your head around, particularly without being able to see it in practice. Learning about some big new customization changes coming to Halo Infinite by seeing some marketing materials and reading a few paragraphs isn’t ideal, but with programs already in motion and our date shifting, here we are.”

Players will be able to earn "coatings" in-game, but they can also be purchased.


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Halo Infinite has been delayed until 2021, but 343 has revealed a new "Monarch" armour coating coming to the game.

This cosmetic is one of many that will be unlocked by purchasing promotional items, with the Monarch available for purchases of Mondelez brands.

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Halo Infinite Armour Coating Revealed

Check out the tweet below.

In this week's Community Update, we get a better look at the Monarch armor coating in Halo Infinite, cover the upcoming flight for Halo 4, highlight upcoming @HCS activities, and much more.Read up! https://t.co/XSYH9rkE81pic.twitter.com/F8iU5oznp4
— Halo (@Halo)
October 9, 2020

For a better look, check out the image of the Monarch armour below:


We love the purplish hue of the Monarch armour

In the full blog post, the developers explained that the Monarch coating is available by picking up Sour Patch Kids, Chips Ahoy! and Oreo purchases, with promotional packs already out in the wild.

If you can find them, you can redeem your codes early and be ready to roll when the game launches.

The armour coating is presumably the game's version of skins, and while some are tied to extraneous purchases of snacks, we're pretty confident that players will be able to earn some of them in-game, too.


The game's development has been under scrutiny recently, with Halo Infinite being delayed to 2021.

A further report suggested that the delay was due to heavy outsourcing to third-party development studios, but the team recently confirmed that the game is on track for 2021 and will still come to Xbox One.

The team even recruited a Halo legend to help with development.

Speaking of legendary Halo games, don't forget that Halo 3: ODST is now available for PC players in the Master Chief Collection.