Halo: Combat Evolved's Longstanding Visual Errors Are Finally Being Fixed

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As we await further updates on Microsoft's upcoming Halo Infinite launch, we've been getting a slow stream of Halo news for PC. After announcing news on cross-platform multiplayer and ultra widescreen Infinite support, 343 Industries is also making adjustments to Halo: Combat Evolved.

Originally released on PC in 2003, Gearbox Software's original port has served as the basis for all Combat Evolved versions since, such as the Anniversary Edition included within the Master Chief Collection, Sadly, this edition introduced some new visual flaws, which have remained present since.


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Halo: Combat Evolved's Finally Getting A Graphical Update On PC

However, 343 Industries is now looking to fix these longstanding graphical issues. Rolling out a set of test updates, that includes re-introducing missing bumpmaps to dozens of textures, letting energy shields change colour when hit, several transparency issues, and more. You can find this in action below.


While these fixes don't completely match the original game, it looks a lot closer to Halo: Combat Evolved's original design than before. More changes could always be made before this update officially goes live but in the meantime, that's a promising start.