Halo 5 Isn't Planned for PC, 343 Says after Nvidia Leak

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Halo 5 on PC isn't happening after all, 343 Industries' Brian Jarrard confirmed in a tweet (thanks VGC).

The recent Nvidia leak that seemingly outed the existence of numerous new games and ports, from Kingdom Hearts 4 and Gears 6 to a PC version of God of War and Final Fantasy 9 remake, also included Halo 5 on PC.


When Nvidia acknowledged the leak, the chip developer said not every listing included titles actually planned for release. Some were placeholders, while others could be for games that will actually end up on PC in some format.

Halo 5 is neither, Jarrard said.

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Halo 5 Isn't Planned for PC, 343 Says after Nvidia Leak

Jarrard responded to a competitive Halo 5 player on Twitter and said:

Maybe this was for "H5:Forge" but I can confirm there are no plans to bring H5 to PC. We know there's some demand for it, but as we've stated before, not in the cards as the studio is fully focused on Infinite and MCC. Will never say never, but nothing underway currently.

It's no surprise. 343 delayed Halo Infinite's campaign co-op and Forge modes, pushing them back to at least six months after the next-gen Halo experience launches on December 8.


In addition to the single-player campaign, the team is developing the first free-to-play Halo multiplayer campaign, with several seasons' worth of content planned for the game's first year.

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