Halo 4 Is Similar To Bungie's Original Vision For The Sequel

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Before we experience the next episode in the sci-fi phenomenon, we take a look at what the Halo franchise could've been.

More specifically, Halo 4 marked the transition from previously being developed by Bungie to 343 industries. But, Bungie's idea for the fourth adventure isn't so dissimilar to the end product.


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Halo 4 Is Similar To Bungie's Original Vision For The Sequel

Creator of Master Chief and part of the team behind the original Bungie Halo games, Marcus Lehto talked to HiddenXperia about his opinion on Halo Infinite and reflected on his time at Bungie.


He highlighted how Bungie purposefully left room for more Halo sequels, following Halo 3's ending:

We did mull it over a little bit. We ended Halo 3 with, ‘Wake me when you need me.’ And we knew if we were going to launch into [Master Chief’s] story beyond Halo 3 that it was going to be a big trilogy.

Lehto mentioned that the Forerunner mystery seen in 343's sequel was part of Bungie's original plan for the fourth instalment, but they would have kept the theme running for longer:

We would probably have kept the Forerunners much more a mystery, and introduced [Master Chief] to a different set of enemies as well.

But, he clarified that the overall product was extremely similar to Bungie's original plan:

[It was] Not all that dissimilar to what [343 Industries] actually ended up doing, but we knew that if we were to venture into that, it would have been so much more than what we would have been able to tackle contractually with Microsoft.

Lehto went onto founding V1 Interactive Studios and produced Disintegration. However, the studio closed following the game's disappointing reception. Bungie is occupied supporting the highly successful Destiny 2, a franchise that began in 2014.


343 Industries is still set to release Halo Infinite this year, following a delay from its original release in 2020.