ZLaner Banned From Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite launched to mass appeal, and it’s hard to find someone who isn’t having fun. Say what you will about the Battle Pass; 343 Industries still made a great game. However, Zack 'ZLaner' Lane could not enjoy it for some time due to its issues and errors.

For some reason, ZLaner’s PC was lagging heavily, and he was kicked out of multiple games. This continued until finally, the game banned him for leaving in the middle of games. This was an unwelcome surprise, and ZLaner took to Twitter to ask the developers what was happening.

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Halo Infinite ban

Halo Infinite has been crashing for ZLaner since he started playing, and many players are experiencing similar issues. Many sites have detailed what to do when these issues arise but it’s only a band-aid. It’s not your graphics card—it’s the optimization.

ZLaner went to Twitter to ask the Halo devs to let up on the ranked penalties for leaving a match early:

Immediately someone mimicked what many sites were saying, “overclocking,” but this is ZLaner; he is one of the streamers who spend a ton of money to get the best equipment for his PC. If anything, he could probably make a video game using his equipment. This is an optimization issue.

Unfortunately for ZLaner, he was unjustly given a ban. He took to Twitter to get a solution:

We should see the game become more user-friendly with time, but these issues are to be expected on a game that has just been released.

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