Get a First Look at Halo Infinite on Xbox One

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343 Industries gave us a first look at Halo Infinite multiplayer running on Xbox One during the technical alpha livestream.

Halo Infinite live team producer Sam Hanshaw said the technical alpha will run on all platforms to give the developers a better idea how the game will hold up and what changes it needs between now and launch.

That said, this first Halo Infinite technical alpha is from a build that's two months old.

The final product's graphical fidelity and framerate will change a fair bit, and you'll get to see that happen as well.

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Get a First Look at Halo Infinite on Xbox One

Hanshaw said this is the first of many technical alphas, and future builds will both incorporate lessons learned from the first and feature more up-to-date versions of the game.

If you didn't get in to this first alpha, the footage above won't be your only chance to see Halo Infinite before launch. Future alphas will release to wider audiences, though 343 didn't mention when the next Halo Infinite alpha might be.

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