Editor's Note: What Is Forerunner Sidekick?

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Cool new look, huh?

Welcome to Forerunner Sidekick. I'm James Law, and I'll be running this section as a member of the Gfinity Esports family.


We're here to be the one place you need to go for Halo guides, news, and opinion. It's been an exciting launch period for Halo Infinite, and we're only just beginning.

Our friends over at ForerunnerGG are your one-stop destination for the Halo esports scene. From Halo Infinite power rankings to retrospectives on Halo's esports history, you'll want to bookmark them and keep an eye on the exciting stuff they have on the horizon.

So, what are we here for, then?

Everything else!

We'll be keeping up with the esports side of the scene too, but in addition to that, we'll be your Sidekick through your entire Halo Infinite journey. Wondering what the best Halo Infinite guns are? Not a problem. How about advice on how to rank up your Battle Pass and unlock new bits of armour? Got you covered. Maybe you're looking for advice on how to complete certain weekly challenges, or understand Halo jargon a bit better? Well hey, why didn't you say so!

We'll be reaching out to community members, offering you a newcomer's window into the esports scene, and keeping you right up to date with all the intel you need for success in Halo Infinite. Just wait until Forge and co-op campaign finally come out. It's going to be next level.