Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon Collectibles

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Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon collectibles are few in number compared to some of the later missions, but you'll want to stop and pick them up anyway - especially since you can't go back and replay campaign missions until 343 patches that ability in as part of a future update. The Warship technically has four collectibles, but you're only looking for three. The first one pops as soon as you start the mission. Each collectible on Warship Gbraakon comes with its own achievement as well:

  • Two Sides to Every Story
  • Infinity Down
  • Headstrong

Table of Contents

Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon Collectibles Locations

UNSC Audio Log 1 - The Plan

This audio log registers once you start the mission, so you don't have to do anything special.


Spartan Audio Log 1 - Infinity Down

You'll run across a lift about halfway through Gbraakon. Take it up, deal with the Banished in the corridor, then look for the blue, glowing rectangle propped up against some crates.

The UNSC Audio Log 2 collectible in Halo Infinite is propped against a pile of crates on board the Warship Gbraakon

Skull 1 - Boom Skull Location

We've outlined elsewhere how to get every skull, but here's a refresher on how to get the first one. A few rooms after the second UNSC Audio Log, you'll enter a room with two levels. This one gets you the "Headstrong" achievement.

The first Skull in Halo Infinite, resting atop a crate lift on the Warship Gbraakon

On the second level is a set of three lifts. Get on the middle one, then turn right, and you'll find the first skull staring at you. This one extends the blast radius for any of your attacks. It's a pretty handy mod to have, though just make sure you stand far enough back to avoid getting caught in your own blast. You won't be able to use the skull until after this mission, though.

Banished Audio Log 1 - Escharum's Testimony

The final Gbraakon collectible is on the ship's bridge. If you're facing the terminal controlling the stasis beam, it'll be on the walkway to your left, at the far end. It's easier to grab this before deactivating the beam, since there's a swarm of Banished that march onto the scene afterwards. Either way, once you grab that, you'll get the Two Sides to Every Story achievement and are free to destroy the ship.

An image pointing to the first Banished Audio Log in Halo Infinite on board the Warship Gbraakon

Chief's journey is just getting started. There's plenty of missions and dozens more collectibles in store, so make sure you grab the right weapons to keep the Spartan legacy alive long enough for you to collect them all.