Halo Infinite: How To Fix The "User Is Banned" Message

Halo Infinite has had a relatively smooth launch, with only a handful of issues plaguing the experience with some including server connection difficulties and now, "user is banned".

This message is issued when a player commits an offence like leaving a match too early before the end.

Here's a quick reminder on how you can resolve the issue, in addition to detailing what aspects to stay away from to prevent further bans.

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Halo Infinite: How To Fix The “User Is Banned" Message

The "User Is Banned" message will pop up if one or more of these events happen in which, you quit a certain quantity of matches before the game ends and the other is when you are disconnected without your consent.

The amount of time the user is banned depends on past offences. The more times you've received the message, the longer the exclusion is:

  • 1st offence– 5 minutes ban
  • 2nd offence – 15 minutes ban
  • 3rd offence– 30 minutes ban
  • 4th offence – 1 hour ban
  • 5th offence – 3 hours ban
  • 6th offence – 16 hours

Unfortunately, there is only one way to get rid of the ban and this is through waiting for the restriction to finish. This is because the exclusion is directly related to your Gamertag and Xbox Live account, making it difficult to play on the same account.

You could also start playing on a different console and account but, you're expected to start certain objectives and recreate your rank again - not exactly ideal.

This warning is very strict, so we'll update you if the criteria are eased. In the meantime, why not check out our detailed analysis of the new ranking system,.

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