Halo TV Series Trailer to Be Shown at AFC Championship Game

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A close-up of Master Chief's helmet.
Credit: Paramount

The upcoming Halo TV series on Paramount is soon to receive a brand new trailer.

With a great deal of anticipation and expectation as to where the showrunners can take the Halo universe, we're hoping for something special when the trailer releases on Sunday.

It'll be shown during the AFC Championship Game of the NFL. The game will be shown on CBS, and the trailer will then be launched on Paramount Plus.

The AFC Championship Game will take place on Sunday, January 30 at the following times around the world:

  • 8:05pm GMT (UK)
  • 3:05pm EST
  • 12:05pm PT
  • 6:05am AEST (Australia)

The game is looking like it'll be a good one as well, even for non-NFL fans. The winner of the AFC Championship moves on to the Super Bowl - basically the final of the entire season that everyone's been aiming for since September.

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The game features the Cincinnati Bengals travelling to the stadium of the Kansas City Chiefs, which should be a really exciting one. The Chiefs are favourites, having had the better season thus far and playing at home, but the Bengals aren't pushovers and should put up a solid fight thanks to the excellent form of Quarterback Joe Burrow.


If you're not busy this Sunday you might want to give it a watch! UK fans can tune in through Now TV.

If you don't fancy it though, just take a look at the @HaloTheSeries Twitter account. They'll have what you're looking for.

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