Halo Infinite Streets Map Callouts and Weapon Locations

A promotional image of Halo Infinite's Streets map.
Credit: 343 Industries

A promotional image of Halo Infinite's Streets map.
Credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's Streets map has a host of callouts you'll need to memorise if you plan on working with your teammates to achieve victory. It also plays host to a huge number of weapons you'll want to pick up along the way. So, here's a handy interactive map of Halo Infinite's Streets map, along with all kinds of tips and advice on making the most of your matches.

Halo Infinite Streets Interactive Map

Here's the full interactive map of Streets, including weapon locations, objective markers, and equipment pickups, as well as the names of each callout location on the map!

Streets Map Callouts

Streets is a really fun map to play on, partly because it's just so lovely to look at. Just check out that lovely neon sign. Phwoar.

An image of the Halo Infinite Streets map's Commercial District, with a "Nairobi" purple neon sign.
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It's an enjoyable one to explore too. Slightly larger than other maps like Aquarius and Live Fire, it's a prime location for some longer-ranged skirmishes.

Grabbing the Thrusters at Arc Street will be really handy for traversing this map more quickly, as well as closing the distance between you and an unsuspecting foe. It can be found by turning right as you climb Plaza Stairs or left as you enter Subway.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is skirmishes in Old Town. Plasma Grenades spawn there, it'll be capture point B on Stronghold, and the Old Town Bar is a very enclosed space. Be careful with enemies flinging grenades into it willy nilly, and make sure to keep an eye out for flankers coming out of Arc Street Hallway.

Streets Weapon Locations

The Streets map plays host to a whole load of powerhouse Halo Infinite weapons, most notably the M41 SPNKr or Cindershot that spawns right in the middle of Main Street. Whichever one comes up, you'll have a frantic dash to the centre of the battlefield immediately, and whoever gains control of the power weapon is at a strong advantage. You might want to play it calmly though.

If you can pick off the baddies from a distance before they arrive with your BR75 Battle Rifle or VK78 Commando that spawns near your base, you might be able to take it without opposition and hold the advantage.

That's all we have for you on the Halo Infinite Streets map! If you're looking for a bit more multiplayer help though, why not check out our hub page for all the Halo Infinite maps? Alternatively, we've got all the information you need so far about Halo Infinite Forge mode, coming later on in the game's life span.

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