Halo Infinite's Release Month Hinted At Through Donut Advert

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Following a year-long delay from 2020, Halo Infinite is set to arrive this holiday season.

While Microsoft and 343 Industries have been hush about the game's release date, an advert may hint at the launch month for the forthcoming Master Chief adventure.

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Halo Infinite's Release Month Hinted At Through Donut Advert

It seems like Halo Infinite is arriving this November, as evident through a Krispy Kreme Advert.

In promotion of a tasty new Master Chief donut at Krispy Kreme, Xbox Mexico tweeted a commercial for the collaboration.

When translated, the tweet reads:

Why wait for November if we can start the festivities now? Xbox Mexico and @MexKrispyKreme We celebrate 20 years of the Master Chief with a special edition Halo Infinite donut. Available July 30. #TuesdayHalo #AnInfinite Craving

Fans have taken this to mean that Halo Infinite will launch in November. Even though the release date hasn't been properly confirmed, this tweet is directly from an official Xbox account so a November release is almost certain.

In the meantime, Spartans can trial Halo Infinite's multiplayer this weekend through its open beta Technical Preview, lasting from July 29th to August 1st.