Halo Infinite Recharge Map Callouts and Weapon Locations

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An overview of the Pit, Batteries and Whirlpool Dam areas of Halo Infinite's Recharge map.
Credit: 343 Industries

If you're playing on the Recharge map in Halo Infinite, you'll want to have your callouts on point and the weapon locations down to a T. Without this, it'll be hard to elevate your gameplay as much as you'd like to.

So, here's a handy interactive map for Recharge, including all the callouts, weapon locations, and power-ups. It's a great tool to have, so give it a bookmark and keep it on hand whenever you play a Recharge game!

Halo Infinite Recharge Interactive Map

Here's the full interactive map of Recharge in Halo Infinite. Zoom in and out to find every weapon and power-up, as well as the spawn locations of various objectives.

Recharge Map Callouts

Recharge isn't a symmetrical map like Bazaar or Aquarius. Instead, each base has different quirks and features that'll throw different challenges at you with each game.

There are a fair few callouts that are quite obvious and easy to remember. Batteries is the area with the rising and falling pillars that look quite a lot like giant batteries, and the Whirlpool Dam is the circular room with the literal whirlpool in the middle of it.

Something you should be wary of is the potential for long sightlines across the map. At Attic and Maintenance Bay, for example, you can easily rain fire over everyone in Batteries, Bridge, Pit, Storage, and even up at Overhang.

Each of these areas is important to understand and know your callouts for because you'll be the subject of a whole lot of enemy fire if you aren't acutely aware of where you're being attacked from.

Recharge Weapon Locations

It's important to get acquainted with the best Halo Infinite weapons if you feel like improving your K/D ratio on Recharge.

The obvious target is the power weapon stored over past Hydro. Both the Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer can one-shot foes at close range, and if you stick around the tight-corner areas like Control Room and Maintenance Bay, you'll be in for a real treat, killing bad guys without them even realising what's hit you. Just be careful when jumping towards it! We've seen many a teammate fall into the abyss while aiming for the weapon.

Outside of this, you should look to head towards the Orange Pipes, Long Hall or Overhang - the pistols there can be really handy especially the Mangler with its one-shot plus melee kill potential.

The more unique weapons - either the Needler or Sentinel Beam - can be found between the two Whirlpool Dam doors too, so if those two tickle your fancy be sure to make a beeline to there.

Finally, I have to mention the Active Camo found in Pit. It's often the key to some free kills while it's active, particularly if you combine it with a melee power weapon, so keep an eye on its recharge time and grab it when you can.

That's all you need to know about the Recharge map for now! While you're here though, how about you check out some more information on Halo Infinite? We have advice on how to rank up fast in Halo Infinite, along with the lowdown on all the Halo Infinite maps you can play on!

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