All Halo Infinite Propaganda Tower Map Locations

Propaganda Towers in Halo Infinite are a real scourge on the landscape. With disgraceful lies being spread against Master Chief and the UNSC, it's your job to take them out and restore Zeta Halo to its former glory.

Propaganda Towers are also a good source of Valor, so make sure you destroy them as and when you can. Here are all the Propaganda Tower locations on the Halo Infinite map, as well as some tips on destroying them.

All Propaganda Tower Locations Map

Here are all 40 of the Halo Infinite Propaganda Tower locations, handily sorted into an interactive map! How exciting for you.

You can destroy Propaganda Towers with any weapon you fancy, but if you don't want to waste ammunition it's best to blow them up either with vehicle bombardment (see if you can find a nearby Ghost) or through melee attacks.

Melee striking Propaganda Towers will damage you slightly when they blow up, but you'll be alright as long as you're not being fired on from elsewhere - just wait until your health regenerates and carry on with your day.

It'll take a while to get to every single Propaganda Tower, but it'll be worth it for the Valor rewards making some of the campaign's skulls easier to collect, as well as the intrinsic reward of stopping mean aliens saying nasty stuff about the UNSC.

Now you've successfully rid Zeta Halo of all the evil anti-Chief sentiment The Banished have been broadcasting throughout the map, why not go collect some more goodies around the place? We have everything from an in-depth look at how to get all the Halo Infinite skulls and where to find Mjolnir Armories to a full-on Halo Infinite collectables map for everything you can find.

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