Is Halo Infinite on PC?

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Halo Infinite seems to be firing on all cylinders, with a solid beta that has given fans hope for the multiplayer and the recent single-player campaign overview impressing those that were down on the game when it was first revealed. With all these improvements then, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are suddenly curious asking: is Halo Infinite on PC?

Though Halo Infinite is being heavily promoted as an Xbox Series X|S title, being the first instalment in Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox, fans will be happy to know that Halo Infinite is coming to PC and they won’t have to wait an extra day for it either.

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Can Halo Infinite be Played on PC?

Unlike some of the older Halo games that took forever to get a PC port, Halo infinite on PC will be coming out on the same day as Xbox Series X and Xbox One, on December 8 through the Microsoft Store.

Steam fans will also be able to play Halo Infinite on December 8 so there’s nothing to worry about on that end but the real winners are Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users, who will be able to get the game right away on both their gaming PC and Xbox console via this service.

Overall, it looks like PC players will be winning quite a bit with Xbox exclusives if Halo Infinite is anything to go by, with many hoping that this is going to be the case going forward with more of these games. If you're interested, check out the Halo Infinite PC specs to see if your machine can run the game.


Halo Infinite will be coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on December 8.

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