Halo Infinite PC Overview Premieres Today

A Halo Infinite PC player plays the game with headphones on.
Credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite PC players rejoice! Thanks to the premiere of the Halo Infinite PC Overview, you can get exclusive information on the game today.

Hopefully, we'll see some details on PC-specific aspects, definitely including specs, but we might even get some kind of update on the state of Forge Mode and the campaign.

The video description is as follows:

"The PC and Sandbox Teams for Halo Infinite have built the PC experience from the ground up to ensure you have a great experience in-game, out-of-game, and off the screen. Buckle up, and hear directly from the devs about what you can expect at launch on December 8."

The Halo Infinite PC Overview premieres at 2 pm today UK time. That's 9 am EST, and 6am PST. That's right Americans, you'll want to be up bright and early today. People elsewhere in the world - give your sleeping pals a message to nudge them awake if they might be interested in the Halo Infinite PC Overview! They'll thank you for it.

You can watch the Overview below.

It looks like there'll be some kind of collaboration with Razer for the event.

We'll have plenty more to show you in the run-up to Halo Infinite's release too, including handy guides on the best guns in Halo Infinite as well as the maps in Halo Infinite.

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