Halo Infinite Leaks Point to New Game Modes

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New Halo Infinite modes sprouted up in some recent leaks, and if the datamining is true, it looks as if we can expect new twists on familiar gameplay with each event 343 throws at us. The first round of leaked events is potentially associated with the next Halo Infinite multiplayer event, Ritual, set to run from February 8 through February 21st, unlike Tenrai, which will reappear intermittently for the next two months.

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Halo Infinite Ritual Events Leak - Tactical Ops

Leaker @HaloNoticiasMX says Ritual will feature Tactical Ops remixes of several modes and what looks like a few new additions to the mix as well:

  • Tactical Slayer
  • Tactical One Flag
  • Tactical CTF
  • Tactical Strongholds
  • Tactical Elimination
  • Tactical Attrition
  • Tactical Oddball
  • Tactical King of the Hill

What makes these "tactical" and how they might differ from the usual modes is unclear just yet, though. Fractures: Tenrai's "Fiesta" mode is a twist on Slayer where you spawn with random weapons every time, which is about as far from tactical as it's possible to get.

"Attrition" is a new mode that showed up on Reddit in October, one that seemingly lets you revive teammates as you try for all-out domination.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Event Leaks

The Cyber Showdown event begins sometime in mid-January and will also reportedly have several new game modes, though not as many as the Ritual event.

  • Cyber Showdown: Slayer
  • Cyber Showdown: King of the Hill
  • Cyber Showdown: One Flag
  • Cyber Showdown: CTF

As with the Ritual event, there's still nothing to suggest what new gameplay styles or match requirements these modes might include. However, one image suggests the Cyber Showdown rewards will be, well... cyber-inspired, with sci-fi visors, cyberpunk attachments, and more up for grabs.

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