Nadeshot Reacts To Halo "Purists" That Don't Want A Battle Royale

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Halo Infinite was revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase, and 1000 Thieves' Nadeshot has called out those who are completely against the idea of a battle royale coming to the game.

Here's what the man himself has said.


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Nadeshot Calls Out Those That Don't Want a Halo Battle Royale

343 gave us a glimpse into the campaign with some gameplay at the Xbox Games Showcase, but they did state that multiplayer will be a feature in the future.

Nadeshot felt that the Halo Infinite reveal could've been a lot better and that they should have teased a battle royale, he took to Twitter to voice his opinion.


Halo pioneered a new wave of first-person shooters on console, and many longtime fans disagreed with Nadeshot.

He then went on to explain why a BR would actually be beneficial to the game, using Call of Duty as an example. Being someone who created a living and career off of COD, it's likely he knows his stuff. 

Though Call of Duty held true to the game in terms of normal multiplayer and campaign, they added a Battle Royale in Black Ops 4, before shipping a free-to-play version earlier this year to complement Modern Warfare.


On one hand, it puts into perspective the opportunity that exists for Halo Infinite to implement a battle royale, especially as it could easily sustain players over a longer period with one.

Still, it's clear that many feel that it will dampen the spirit and nostalgia that comes with the Halo series.

What do you think? Should Halo Infinite have a battle royale mode?