Halo Infinite Mythic Medals - How to Get Them All

The Halo series is famous for its epic-sounding rewards. When you do something sick in a game and announcer Jeff Steitzer says something like "Double Kill" in his iconic, growly voice. These are known as Medals, and you can see the ones you earn after your match. There are some more impressive ones to get though: Mythic Medals.

Here are all the Halo Infinite Mythic Medals and how to get your hands on them.

All Halo Infinite Mythic Medals

Only around 20% of people on Xbox have earned the Slaying with Style achievement for Halo Infinite, which is unlocked by earning a Mythic Medal in a matchmade game. So, here are all the Mythic Medals you can unlock in Halo Infinite.

  • Perfection - Win a game with 15+ kills and no deaths
  • Running Riot - Get a killing spree of 15
  • Rampage - Get a killing spree of 20
  • Nightmare - Get a killing spree of 25
  • Boogeyman - Get a killing spree of 30
  • Grim Reaper - Get a killing spree of 35
  • Demon - Get a killing spree of 40
  • Overkill - Kill 4 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtacular - Kill 5 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtrocity - Kill 6 enemies in quick succession
  • Killamanjaro - Kill 7 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtastrophe - Kill 8 enemies in quick succession
  • Killpocalypse - Kill 9 enemies in quick succession
  • Killionaire - Kill 10 enemies in quick succession
  • Ninja - Kill an enemy by leaping over them and hitting them from behind with a melee attack
  • Quigley - Kill 2+ enemies with a single S7 Sniper round
  • Remote Detonation - Kill an enemy by shooting a grenade
  • Fastball - Kill an enemy with the impact from a thrown grenade

How to Earn Mythic Medals

You've heard Jeff yell "Killing Spree", but as you can see, that ain't enough for a Mythic Medal. You need up to 15 kills without dying. That'll take you quite some time, and we'd recommend heading into a game of Big Team Battle and playing things safe in order to obtain a medal.

Alternatively, you could try to earn the Quigley Mythic Medal. It's not going to be easy, but when you find yourself on a map with sniper rifles available, get into a tight corridor and hip-fire the gun. You might just get lucky.

It's hard to get Mythic Medals in Halo Infinite, but you might as well know exactly what you're aiming for when you try!

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