How To Get Halo Infinite's HCS Armour Pack For Free

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Halo Infinite has a multitude of free gear available for players. From the 20th Anniversary pack to free items in the Battle Pass, Spartans have a range of clean-cut armour.

The Halo Championship Series Launch Bundle has been issued as part of the game's continuation in esports, as well as marking the release of Halo Infinite. Boasting a red, blue, and white varnish, the armour coating can be obtained at no extra cost.

We layout a step-by-step guide on how you can unlock the HCS armour.

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How To Get Halo Infinite's HCS Armour Pack For Free

The collection is available through Halo Infinite's in-game marketplace.

Here are the steps you should follow to unlock the pack:

  1. Boot up Halo Infinite on your PC or Xbox.
  2. At the main menu, click or press 'Rb' three times to go to 'SHOP'.
  3. Located at the bottom left of the screen, there should be a category titled 'Halo Championship Series Store'. Select the option titled 'HCS OFFERS'.
  4. Navigate to 'HCS Launch Giveaway' and select this package.
  5. The bundle cost zero credits, making the collection free. Purchase the pack and it should be added to your inventory.

There's no time limit on the bundle but grab it as soon as possible just to make sure!

There's also a host of other snazzy gear to choose from, included armour inspired by FaZe Clan and Cloud9. But these pieces will require credits to purchase. For more on Halo's in-game currency, check out our guide on how to get credits.

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