Halo Infinite Live Fire Map Callouts and Weapon Locations

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An overview of the Green Building and Yard of the Live Fire map in Halo Infinite.
Credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's maps have been great so far, for new and old players alike. Live Fire offers an exciting cross between ranged and close-up play, and is one of our favourites already. We've put together a handy map of Live Fire, as well as all the callouts and weapon locations so you can learn the area and dominate.

Here you go then! Everything you could ever need to know about the Live Fire map, from the Canal to the House. It's an asymmetric map, so you'll need to learn all of its unique quirks.

Halo Infinite Live Fire Interactive Map

Here's the full interactive map of Live Fire in Halo Infinite. Feel free to zoom in and out to find what you're looking for. The blue labels depict weapons, the purple power-ups, and the yellow objectives. Grenades are green (green-nade? It works).

Live Fire Map Callouts

Unlike Aquarius, Bazaar, and Behemoth, Live Fire isn't a symmetrical map. This can make things both easier and harder for players learning the callouts.

The key is to know what to look for so you can immediately make those calls to your teammates when enemies are fleeing. When you're at 'Brutes', for example, this refers to the field with those Brute suits of armour are standing around with no arms, legs, or heads. The Active Camo or Overshield spawns near them at Turbine, which can really turn the tide of matches.

The Brutes on the Live Fire Halo Infinite map.
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Credit: 343 Industries

It's easy to mix this up with Yard, which is the outdoor area on the other side of the map near Green Building (which you can tell apart because of its aggressive green-ness at the bottom and in that entire corner of the map).

Another thing to keep track of is enemies at the top of Tower. It's often going to be a tough ask to take them out from below since the high ground is a massive advantage, but if you can sneak onto the staircase from Canal or Brutes you can often get in behind them while they're keeping an eye on the Hallway and Overlook.

Oh, and don't fall in the Canal!

Live Fire Weapon Locations

If you're unfamiliar, you should have a look at the best Halo Infinite weapons list we put together with the help of our esports expert friends over at Forerunner.gg. For your convenience, the power weapon you and your enemies will be fighting over on Live Fire is the S7 Sniper rifle. It offers one-shot kill potential with super-fast bullet velocity, and there's only one available: right in the middle of Hallway.

The location of the S7 Sniper on the Live Fire Halo Infinite map.
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Credit: 343 Industries

In some games you'll get the Skewer, which does a similar job but with a slower bullet velocity with a more generous one-shot hit registration. The S7 is the one to look for though - and Live Fire is the perfect opportunity to get yourself a Mythic Medal with it if you're feeling saucy.

If you're flanking around the tunnels, another couple of guns to look out for are the Needler (if it shows up in your game) out at Turbine and the Bulldog/Heatwave which appear down in those very tunnels. These guns dominate at close ranges, and you'll be in for an absolute treat when they get you kills upon kills while your enemy flails with an assault rifle.

There you have it - the best way to play Live Fire on Halo Infinite! If you're hankering for more intel on the game, why not check out our guide on how to rank up fast in Halo Infinite, as well as some tips on how the Halo Infinite progression system actually works.

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