Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Upcoming Armour and Weapon Coatings

Halo Infinite has a flurry of gear to modify your weapons as well as armour, and more options could be on the way.

According to Halo Infinite Leaks & News, various coatings have been added to the code and might be available in-game soon.

Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Upcoming Armour and Weapon Coatings

The new armour coating is titled "Midnight Frost" and boasts a mixture of black, white, and red. The visor itself is dark-red, making for a smooth, slick complexion between the three tones.

The weapon coating itself is called "Shattered Cherry". As evident below, the gun expresses a mixture of white and pink, along with a sprinkle of neon-green.

Halo Infinite recently added its latest patch, suggesting a fan-favourite game mode might be coming to Halo Infinite. Along with these files, the new patch also resolves matchmaking issues for Big Team Battles and heavy vehicle spawning.

343 Industries is also looking to add a forge mode, co-op campaign, and potential Battle Royale playlist very soon. We'll keep you informed with further news as we hear it.

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