Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing: Rules, Maps, and More

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Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing Mode
Credit: 343 Industries

Season 2 of Halo Infinite is right around the corner much to the excitement of players waiting for a fresh dose of content to arrive. Known as Lone Wolves, the upcoming season contains brand-new maps in addition to a new game mode known as Last Spartan Standing.

Amid rumours of a Halo battle royale launching in the future, this particular mode channels the last player standing concept into multiplayer. Players have five lives and the final one with any lives remaining is the winner.

It's a unique take on a one-life mode and is guaranteed to feature plenty of action and clutch moments among the community. With that said, find all there is to know about the Last Spartan Standing mode in Halo Infinite in this guide.


What Is Last Spartan Standing?

As mentioned earlier, Last Spartan Standing involves players attempting to become the last one remaining in order to achieve victory. Players will drop onto a Big Team Battle map with a predetermined loadout in order to score kills.

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Players can upgrade their loadouts by scoring points from kills and assists. In addition to the upgrades, the maps will include specific weapon drops capable of swinging the momentum of a match in your favour.

All players begin the game with five lives. Once they're gone, they're out of the game and can either see how the rest of the game unfolds or leave and drop into another game.

Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing Mode
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Credit: 343 Industries

How Many Players Are In Last Spartan Standing?

A total of 12 players will begin a Last Spartan Standing match. While this may seem too little for a Big Team Battle Map, it allows plenty of tactics along with lots of aggression as players hunt for kills that will earn upgrades and win them the game.


Is Last Spartan Standing A Battle Royale?

No, Last Spartan Standing is nothing like a battle royale game. Players have five respawns rather than losing the game as soon as they're eliminated and there are minimal amounts of weaponry to loot.

Last Spartan Standing Release Date

Last Spartan Standing drops in Halo Infinite as part of the Season 2 launch on May 3. With the mode significantly different to all the others Infinite multiplayer has to offer, there's a high chance the mode will be extremely popular with those looking for an alternative to BTB and Arena action.

That's all we know about the Last Spartan Standing mode arriving in Season 2 of Halo Infinite. For more, check out our dedicated page for the latest news, leaks, and intel on the game.