Halo Infinite: How To Get A Kill With The Gungoose's Grenade Launcher

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Halo Infinite has a host of weekly challenges, one of which includes killing enemy Spartans with the Gungoose's grenade launcher.

One of the shooter's many vehicles, the Gungoose sparsely pops up in maps and can be a little difficult to maneuver. So we've compiled the best tips for finding the Gungoose and some advice on how to use the bike.


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Halo Infinite: How To Get A Kill With The Gungoose's Grenade Launcher

The M290-M Gungoose has two seats: one driver and one passenger. It spawns via Pelican Drops in these locations:

  • Behemoth
  • Deadlock
  • Fragmentation
  • Highpower
Spartan jumps off a Warthog which is heading towards another Spartan.
Credit: 343 Industries

The Gungoose only has one firing mode which is the attached grenade launcher. Simply press the Rt button or mouse trigger 1 to fire.

Due to the weakness and low durable nature of the Gungoose, you're vulnerable in the presence of your enemies. So don't go charging into large groups of Spartans because you'll pretty much die and lose the Gungoose in the process.


Take the side routes and pick off enemy Spartans one by one to increase your chance of completing the objective.

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