Halo Infinite: How to Use the Pulse Carbine

Wondering how to use the Pulse Carbine in Halo Infinite? It's a common weapon, but one that makes a fantastic addition to any arsenal. Since it's a plasma weapon, the Pulse Carbine is excellent for wearing enemies down quickly, though you'll need a reliable secondary weapon to finish the job and fill the gaps.

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Pulse Carbine Basics

  • Type: Rifle
  • Ammo type: Plasma
  • Capacity: Meter-based, starts at 100%
  • Zoom: Yes
  • Secondary shot: No

Halo Infinite Pulse Carbine Location

The Pulse Carbine spawns in weapon cabinets in most arenas, including:

  • Bazaar
  • Aquarius
  • Launch Site
  • Live Fire
  • Fragmentation
  • Deadlock
  • Streets

The Pulse Carbine is powerful, but you'll want to either make note of where it spawned or grab a good secondary weapon, such as the Commando or Bulldog shotgun. The Carbine runs out of ammo quickly and can't be replenished.

A Spartan aims the Pulse Carbine at an enemy in Halo Infinite's Bazaar stage. It fires a wave of plasma particles that damage enemy shields.
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How to Use Pulse Carbine in Halo Infinite

The Pulse Carbine has some unique features that make it worth using whenever you can grab it. The projectiles it fires actually track opponents. Sort of. It's not a hard trace. They aren't great at making turns either, and if your crosshairs stray from a foe, the wave of plasma particles might lock onto another, nearby enemy.

However, the precision makes it easy to land hits, and because it's a plasma weapon, that translates to shredding enemy shields faster. You'll know if the shots are tracking because the reticule turns red when it's locked onto a foe.

It's also a strong weapon. You can down a foe in two waves (two clicks or button presses) if you land headshots, though body shots take longer to kill. Always avoid rapid fire with the Pulse Carbine. If you fire it too often without a resting space, it overheats, similar to the Plasma Pistol. The best practice with this, as with any plasma weapon in Halo Infinite, is to deplete shields, then switch to a Kinetic weapon to finish up.

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