How to Use Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite

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Wondering how to use the Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite? As with Halo's other vehicles, there's not much to tell you about how the giant red death motorcycle actually works, other than trial and error. It's a handy vehicle to make use of, though, especially since you only need one person to make it go. Here's how to use the Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite to literally crush the competition.

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How to Use Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite - The Basics


The Brute Chopper is a giant motorcycle designed by Brutes, Halo's alien race of very big, very aggressive people who'd like to harm you. It's equipped with a blaster and nothing else, and it also has highly sensitive handling.

Carries: 1 person

Durability: Moderate

Primary Weapon: Plasma Beam

Secondary Weapon: Ramming Charge

Brute Chopper Location

The Brute Chopper spawns automatically on the Fragmentation stage, but you can only get it on Behemoth or High Power if it's part of an Ordinance Drop.

A Brute Chopper sits on a platform in Halo Infinite's Behemoth stage

The Brute Chopper's plasma cannons make it perfect for shredding enemy shields and EMP-ing vehicles. Ideally, you'll use it to soften enemies for your team to finish or to pick off multiple foes before they reach your squad.


The only problem is its overall handling and manoeuvrability. The Brute Chopper is a pain to turn around at times, so if you're exposed, in Behemoth for example, or in a tight space, such as in Fragmentation's bases, it's easy to get overwhelmed before you can actually escape.

Still, when all else fails, just run your enemies down. The Brute Chopper is made for crushing and can easily defeat foes with low or no shields or even destroy enemy vehicles.

If you need extra practice with it, you can tweak the bot arena settings or create a custom match with no one around so you're free to get familiar with the motorcycle.

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