Halo Infinite: How To Fix Crash On Startup Issue

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Halo Infinite has a recurring problem, where it crashes for some players every time they start up the game. However, workarounds for this bug have already been found to prevent that from happening.

343 Industries' Halo Infinite patch notes have claimed to solve numerous crashing issues, but if it still doesn't work out, here's what to do.

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Halo Infinite: How To Fix Crash On Startup Issue

Startup Crash Hotfixes

Here's a list of what players can do to stop this Halo Infinite crash from happening again:

  • Verify File Integrity of Halo Infinite. On the Steam client, this option can be found after right-clicking the game and under the "Manage tab"
  • Update DirectX Drivers. The drivers can be found on the official Microsoft site
  • Clear Download Cache. On the Steam Client, find the Settings menus and click on the Downloads tab to find this option
  • Check if your PC really meets the minimum requirements for the game
  • Update your Graphics Card
  • On AMD, disable the Async Compute feature

If those solutions don't work, try redownloading Halo Infinite if you've exhausted those options. Those solutions can work differently depending on your setup, so redownload is a last resort option.

Why It Crashes

Halo Infinite's crashing problem could be due to the high PC specifications required to run it. As seen across Halo Community Manager Director Brian Jarrard's posts, the developers are actively helping players who've run into trouble with Halo Infinite. This fix could be coming soon.


Developers Working On it

Right now, we've yet to see 343 Industries directly address this issue just yet. We'll update you once a fix rolls in and stabilises Halo Infinite for PC players.

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