Halo: Infinite Will Let you Drop Weapons and Use Them as Bait

Halo: Infinite’s Technical Preview has given fans a chance to finally get their hands on the Master Chief's latest adventure - and it's everything Halo Infinite fans could have hoped for.

One of the biggest additions is there's now a drop weapon button, allowing you to quickly discard unwanted guns on the fly.

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How does the drop weapon function work?

For the first time, players will no longer have to look for a weapon on the ground just to get rid of their underpowered pistol or sniper rifle.

The drop weapon function is mapped to the right d-pad on an Xbox controller, which lets you discard whatever you’re holding to either get a new weapon or to arm your comrade who may not have one.

While it's a relatively minor change, its implications on gameplay could be significant - especially during team battles, where it adds another layer of strategy into the mix. You could even leave a powerful weapon somewhere as 'bait' - then wipe someone out with a quick well-placed headshot.

It seems to have gone down very well with the Halo community. One fan on the Halo subreddit, said, "The ability to drop a weapon for a teammate is actually really thoughtful. Thank you so much 343."

Another said, "Can't wait to see the big brain plays of people dropping weapons around a Corner to bait people into shotguns and swords."

343 Studios has been busy tweaking Halo Infinite after the initial reveal earlier in the year was met with an underwhelming response. Encouragingly, fan feedback from the preview has been positive - with critics praising the familiar fast-paced gameplay, improved visuals, and other aspects.

Halo Infinite is due to arrive on Xbox and PC later this year.

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