How to Customize Vehicles in Halo Infinite

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Wondering how to customize vehicles in Halo Infinite? The answer is simple, though at first, you're pretty limited on what you can actually do to the Warthog and other hotrods. As with Halo Infinite's other customization options, you'll earn more the more time you spend in the game and the higher you progress in the seasonal Battle Pass tiers. However, most of your options come from the Halo Store.

How to Customize Vehicles in Halo Infinite

Choose the "Customize" tab from the main menu, and then pick "Vehicle Bay." It takes you to the vehicle bay (surprise), where you can admire and choose all the vehicles currently available. The number of vehicles will hopefully change through updates, but the customization options available apply to all of the vehicles.


Pick which one you want to modify, then press "Enter" on keyboard or "A" on your controller. There's a wide bar of customization options, but only two are available for now: color and emblem.

Color is self-explanatory, and Emblems are like stickers you can place on various parts of the vehicle. Most of them are the same as the Spartan ID tag customization options, such as angry kitty or different numbers.

Halo Infinite's vehicle customization screen, with an Angry Kitty emblem on the Warthog

How to Get More Vehicle Emblems and Colors in Halo Infinite

You have just one color available at launch, but the Halo Shop sells others as part of its daily and weekly deals. The Battle Pass includes a few options as well, but your best bet for getting new vehicle customization options is spending credits at the shop. Events like the Fractures Tenrai haven't included vehicle changes just yet, but that's likely to change in the coming months and years of Halo Infinite being out.


That's only one part of looking your best in Halo Infinite. You can customize your Spartan's armor style, color, and appearance as well, though a fine suit of armor won't get you far if you don't pair it with the best weapons.

If you don't want to buy credits for nametags, you'll want to grind out those weekly challenges to get XP and climb through the Battle Pass tiers.

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