How to Activate Skulls in Halo Infinite's Campaign

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The image of Master Chief holding his helmet by his side in a Halo Infinite promotional shot.
Credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's skulls are the hardest collectable to get your hands on throughout the campaign mode. We've found every single skull in Halo Infinite and given you precise instructions on how to find them, but how do you actually use them?

How to Use Halo Infinite Skulls

With all kinds of cool gameplay effects, you'll be desperate to turn on at least some of the gameplay modifying effects. Our favourite is Thunderstorm, since it boosts the power of most enemies and really ramps up the challenge when you're capturing FOBs or taking out high-value targets.

It's pretty simple to turn on the Halo Infinite skulls' effects.

  1. Go to the Campaign menu
  2. Click on 'Load Game' (instead of 'Continue')
  3. Select the 'Skulls' option
  4. Take the pick of your currently unlocked skulls and go with whichever ones you fancy

We struggled to find this one since it's so much easier to just click 'Continue' and get on with your game, but if you get on it and load up, you'll be able to make those gameplay-altering tweaks.

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