Halo Infinite: Xbox One Version May Be Dropped

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343's Community Manager has taken to Twitter to shoot down "fake leaks". Read the full story here.

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Halo Infinite has been delayed already, but a new report says that it could be held back further than next year, as well as potentially dropping the Xbox One version.

According to a mod-verified Resetera user known as "Sponger", the team at 343 Industries is considering cutting current-gen hardware from the release platforms as it struggles to hit over 900p on the Xbox One S.

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Halo Infinite Being Dropped From Xbox One?

“[The] current version of Halo Infinite on Xbox One S is nowhere near 1080p (even lower than 900p) and is having serious asset loading issues (much worse that you have seen on PC demo),” Sponger explained.

The move would come as quite the surprise, given Microsoft's focus on cross-generational exclusives allowing players to play where they want. 

“Idea is to change at the engine level how assets load, make RT as default (improve/”unlock” some assets), improve geometry, post-processing and add more CPU bound interactivity.”


Regarding the game's amended launch window, Microsoft is apparently not against delaying out of 2021 if it means that the game will reach its full potential.

“It’s pretty messy up there with decisions but they are convinced that they need to make best Halo game ever," Sponger added.

It's another twist in the tale of what should have been Xbox Series X's crown jewel, which was recently delayed to 2021. A further report suggested that the delay was due to heavy outsourcing to third-party development studios, which when combined with trouble getting the game running on current-gen could mean we're waiting a while to be reunited with Master Chief.