Halo Infinite Will Have In-Game Puzzles According to Job Description

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Halo Infinite will feature in-game puzzles during the single-player campaign according to a developer's LinkedIn profile.

Allen Wilson was a developer at 343 Industries who worked on Halo Infinite from March 2019 until March 2021 and his job description states that he built "combat encounters, narrative events, and logic puzzles".

Allen Wilsons LinkedIn experience at 343 Industries
Allen Wilsons LinkedIn experience at 343 Industries

Many games that feature RPG elements often include a variety of puzzle mini-games that award extra loot or access to new or secret areas.

While Halo Infinite will be a somewhat linear storyline, it will feature some open-world elements allowing players to explore the world and some caves and dungeons that may feature some side story quests.


Halo Infinite Will Have In-Game Puzzles According to Job Description.

Puzzles if done right can be a fun and engaging gameplay mechanic but if they are too forced or repetitive players will get bored of them very quickly. We hope to see Halo Infinite use them in a smart and interactive way.

While we do not have confirmed information that we will see puzzles appear in Halo Infinite, it is by no means a stretch to believe that we may see them appear in the game, whether they be small or a recurring theme throughout the story and side missions.

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Halo Infinite does not yet have a confirmed release date outside of Fall 2021 and will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.