Halo Infinite Story: Teaser Confirms The Banished Are Returning From Halo Wars 2

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The hype for the release of Halo Infinite continues to build with the reveal of a brand-new teaser trailer. The latest instalment of the Halo franchise is set to make its debut in July and it appears that teasers are slowly but surely beginning to emerge. 

The trailer released on June 24th shows a voice note stating that there will be "no more lies" and most importantly, at the end of the note, it ends with the phrase "We are his will, we are his legacy, we are The Banished."


The Banished Return

The primary enemy force from Halo Wars 2 looks to be making a return for the new game. Once led by Atriox in Halo Wars 2, the intentions of the Banished don't appear to have changed since their involvement in Halo Wars 2 - destroy all of humanity.

If we take a closer look at the Halo Infinite teaser, it appears that one thing may have changed about the Banished and it's a big one.


Possibly armed with a Halo ring, the Banished could be planning complete annihilation of the UNSC, leaving the returning Master Chief to defeat the Banished once and for all.

Judging from the teaser, there is a possibility of Atriox being dead but it is unclear. He could be in possession of the Halo ringing plotting his revenge or it could be a new leader looking to avenge his fallen comrade. 

Despite all these theories, the new teaser doesn't reveal an awful lot other than the Banished are set to return.

The larger reveal of Halo Infinite is set to take place in July so it won't be long before we find some more details on the game and what the Banished have in store for Master Chief!