Halo Infinite Skins: 343 Reveals Customisation Options And Microtransaction Philosophy

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As part of a larger update on Halo Infinite's development, developer 343 Industries has begun revealing details about Halo Infinite's multiplayer progression and customisation.

In the latest blog post from the developer, the team revealed a series of skins coming to the game.


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Halo Infinite Skins: 343 Reveals Customisation Options

According to Ryan Paradis, Design Director for the Live Team, the team wants to avoid Infinite being a "grind-machine".

"We’re not trying to build a grind-machine that burns everyone out in an attempt to get more game time from them. Halo Infinite needs to be a place where we all look forward to spending time," he explains.


The team is also promising "no loot boxes, no randomness in rewards", while also confirming that all rewards will be cosmetic only and won't affect the gameplay.


Images Courtesy of 343 Industries and Microsoft

This skin will be an exclusive weapon and armour coating for Halo 5 SR 152 players (Image Courtesy of 343 Industries and Microsoft)

When discussing the multiplayer's move to free-to-play, Chris Blohm, Lead Progression designer, confirms that there will still be in-game rewards earned through playing.


Yes, being free-to-play does mean that there will be some premium cosmetics, but players will still obtain tons of customization content through things like playing campaign, challenges, skill, special events, legacy rewards (such as the Halo 5 SR 152 reward), the progression system, and more," he notes.

We will always provide value for pure engagement and simply playing the game. We believe that providing value isn’t exclusive to monetary transactions, it’s also about making sure you’re properly rewarded for the time you’re investing into the game," Blohm added.

"Players that play for free will be able unlock items across a multitude of different customization types to allow them to represent themselves in-game."