Halo Infinite Will Be The Platform For The Future Of Halo And Will Not Receive A Sequel

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Halo Infinite's gameplay reveal at the Xbox Series X event has a lot of fans excited for the game's release.

It's fair to say its one of Microsoft's biggest selling points for their new console.


Halo as a series has garnered a legendary reputation over years of titles.

However, it appears 343 Industries is scrapping the traditional sequel model and opting for a long-term plan.

Halo Infinite As A Platform

Speaking to IGN, 343's Studio Head Chris Lee has revealed Halo Infinite will be the platform for the future of Halo.


Instead of creating a new game after Halo Infinite, new content will be added to Halo Infinite.

Lee confirmed this, stating "It's really about creating Halo Infinite as the start of the next ten years for Halo and then building that as we go with our fans and community."

This is exciting as investing in the future with Halo Infinite will mean new content will arrive into the game quicker and more regularly.

As well as this, it mirrors Microsoft's long-term strategy with Game Pass and keeping players subscribed.


However, as seen in other titles in the past, the launch of Halo Infinite will determine how successful this long-term strategy will be.

Is Halo Infinite A Live Service Game?

On hearing the news of Halo Infinite not receiving a sequel, questions began to surface surrounding Halo Infinite potentially being a live service game.


This was quickly shut down by Chris Lee who stated Halo Infinite will not be a live service game like Destiny 2.

Instead, it's adopting a similar strategy to how 343 has been using the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, forming a collective set of games.

This will be a relief to a lot of Halo fans as the live service strategy has gained a poor reputation.


It will interesting to see how this strategy applies to the future of Halo Multiplayer.


It's an aspect of Halo Infinite that we are still waiting for a lot of information on.

Will the game's multiplayer simply receive significant updates over the 10-year plan? Or will it be reworked, similar to releasing a new game?

Whichever option 343 chooses, it's certainly exciting to see what Halo's multiplayer has in store for us all.