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Halo Infinite: Multiplayer Maps That Should Return In Halo's New Release

Halo Infinite is hot on our radars as the Xbox Series X is finally announced, and we're already anticipating what maps will feature, many of which we will see in the Halo Infinite beta. Throughout the Halo series, original maps were brought back later on in the series; in some cases more than once.

Since its announcement at E3 2019, where it was revealed that the game will come with Xbox's new console Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite gameplay is firmly on the mind of fans; we have still yet to see any for ourselves. The Halo Infinite Multiplayer is what most will want to see, so we felt it would be a great time to discuss the maps we want to see made a part of the Halo Infinite Maps list.

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The Pit (Halo 3)

This military training ground, situated somewhere in Africa, was an ideal place for 4v4 slayer and objective skirmishes. The Rockets, Camo, Overshield and sword are perfectly aligned in the center of the map for teams to fight for control, along with a sniper rilfe at both teams towers. This map features many tight corners and turns for gritty engagements with the victors making full use of the high ground. With it being such a fan favourite, its a surprise it was only remade in Halo 4, the new game would be hollow without its inclusion.

Wizard (Halo: CE)

Wizard first featured in Halo: Combat Evolved, although was remade for Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary. Despite its bland look, it isn't to be taken lightly, it is one of the most frantic maps in Halo history. The tightly-knit octagonal stucture features plenty of grenades, meaning it can be fatal to wonder idly around the base of the map. Luckily, there are 4 teleporters located around the map to quickly traverse across the battlefield and potentially sneak up on an enemy. Wizard promotes constant movement and requires quick reflexes to come out on top; a real change of pace and a great addition to Halo Infinite.

Midship (Halo 2)

Midhsip is no doubt a fantastic Halo map, evident by the fact it has been remade twice (Heretic in Halo 3 and Truth in Halo 5). The opposing bases face each other with wide openings meaning the battle begins from the get-go. With an Energy Sword and Shotgun headlining the power weapon selection, there's lots of opportunity for close-quarter combat. The map excels with objective modes such as Assault and CTF and can suit plenty of different playstyles; this would be well received as it is reincarnated for a third time.

Lockout (Halo 2)

Potentially one of the best Team Slayer arenas in Halo is perfect to feature in Halo Infinite. Lockout features a very unique set of rooms and structures, which are connected by hallways and openings, to create a real Frankenstein design. This multilayered and intertwined map features plenty of snug interactions between opponents and long range fights throughout. Lockout was redesigned for both Halo 3 and Halo 2: Anniversary, most would agree that the new additions to the redesigns hampered the flow of gameplay compared to its original. We'd love to see this map brought back to its original glory in the next game.


Sanctuary (Halo 2)

Sanctuary, later brought back as Asylum in Halo: Reach and Shrine in Halo 2: Anniversary, will always be a fan favourite. The map was well known for its perfect symmetry and balance allowing for multiple gametypes to excel in this arena. From a competitive point of view, this map is a must have inclusion in Halo Infinite.

Guardian (Halo 3)

When you think about Halo 3, the ancient Forerunner complex 'Guardian' is probably the first map that people think of. This medium sized map was very reminiscent of Halo 2 maps Lockout and Ascension, featuring plenty of catwalks and small rooms, making it exceptional for Slayer and Team Slayer gametypes; its central platform also creates for great King of the Hill games. The sniper tower was always the centre of attention, with a sniper and overshield available with camo opposite. This is another great map that can switch up the play for Halo Infinite.

Valhalla (Halo 3)

This iconic recreation of Halo: Comat Evolved's 'Blood Gulch' was so popular it was recreated in Halo 4 as 'Ragnarok'; its no surprised it is the series' most remade map of all time. Most equipment and vehicles can be found in the homebase and considering the size it is perfect for big team battles. Where a lot of maps in Halo can be fast and frantic, revolving around engaging gun fights, its nice to have some variation and a bit more time to plan out an attack - something Valhalla does well. Halo Infinite would be doing Halo fans a disservice by not including this map.

Haven (Halo 4)

One of the best maps in Halo 4 was undoubtedly Haven, set in a Forerunner environment that rests high above Requiem's surface. Its clear to see that this map takes inspiration from Halo maps of the past with certain structures, but keeps a simple multi-layered structure to really test your skill and teamwork. This map was later remade as 'Mercy' in Halo 5 and should be remade one more time for Halo Infinite.


Coliseum (Halo 5)

This Forerunner facility debuted in Halo 5 and has become a staple map in competitive Halo, perfectly built for intense Capture The Flag games. Hosting an array of power weapons, including the Rocket Launcher, Scattershot and Sniper Rifle, map control was vitally important to come out on top. There would be few Halo players who would turn their nose up at it being brought back for Halo Infinite.

Stonetown (Halo 2: Anniversary)

Stonetown is a remaster of 'Zanzibar' from Halo 2, it was also given a big facelift in Halo 3 in the form of 'Last Resort'; you would be hard pressed to find a Halo player that didn't like any version of this map. Despite the size of this map, the gameplay flowed well to keep the action centred towards the center of the map - due to its size it created many opportunities for flanks and opportunities to attack exposed enemies from different angles. Unlike a lot of maps, it features plenty of interactable features within the map and the Stonetown version was updated to include new features that Zanzibar does not.