Halo Infinite: Map Shows Different Mission Types

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Halo Infinite fans are already looking for as much information as possible from the gameplay we saw at the Xbox Games Showcase. A Reddit user screenshotted a moment where the map was visible and noticed something interesting about the icons shown.

Find out all you need to know below.


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Different Mission Types

During the Xbox Games Showcase, we got a glimpse into the gameplay of Halo Infinite and fans are pretty positive on the game's bigger and more open world/map.

Near the beginning of the demo, we get to see the map and, of course, fans have been hard at work find out as much as they can from it, including what look to be mission types and side objectives.


Reddit user ChipDibbles captured the above screen, and noted a few interesting possibilities. At the bottom left of the map, you can see a reticle icon with the name Okro Vagaduun below it. Could this be a boss or assassination mission?

There are multiple areas of interest, such as The Tower, Conservatory and Green Spire, this might be a take over type mission where you must eliminate enemies to claim the location.

Lastly, there are some friendly bases, and we expect you'll be able to buy/sell and upgrade here but we don't know yet!

We can't wait to get some answers when we finally get our hands on the game this holiday!