Halo Infinite: Phil Spencer Confirms Devs Leaving Is Not An Issue

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DON'T PANIC. Everything is fine with Halo Infinite...at least that's what Phil Spencer wants us to believe.

Since before Halo Infinite was delayed, lead devs have been leaving one after another.

Usually, that's not a good sign of what's happening behind the scenes and even worse sign for the future.


Phil Spencer Says Halo Infinite Devs Is Nothing To Worry About

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, however, says you shouldn’t worry.

Having spoken to GameSpot, Phil said he isn’t anxious about staff departing the developer.

“I don’t have any specific concern about 343,” Spencer said.

“I actually think in the long run, turnover is a healthy thing because we want people who are really motivated by the things that they’re working on.”

“Sometimes what hits the press, or when certain things get announced internally, have actually happened months before. It’s not always accurate when these things line up – we did take the feedback coming out of the July showcase event seriously, both on the date and what people were expecting from the game. It was a miss on our part, on my part, to open our July showcase with Halo Infinite and then a couple of weeks later have to move the date."

“I don’t take the sentiment and the emotion of our fans and our customers lightly. We set an expectation that here, this is something you’re going to have at launch and then we have to change that expectation not too much after our showing – that’s a mistake.”


The announcement of Halo Infinite's delayed release came earlier this year and it didn't go down well with Xbox fans.

It was certainly a tough pill to swallow after seeing the state Halo's next title was in so close to launch.

It's been over 5 years since a Halo title was released and 343 are under immense pressure to get this one right.

While they've done great things for Halo and its community, their games haven't hit the same heights as the original Bungie trilogy.

It was even harder to take knowing that the Xbox Series X would launch without a flagship title, but it doesn't seem to have affected sales - in fact, the Xbox Series X has been the best Xbox launch in history.

Likely due to COVID-19 encouraging players to go out and buy the new console, as a result of spending more time indoors.

Not to mention big game launches like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Assassin's Creed Valhalla would debut alongside its launch.