Voice Actor and Toy Maker Leak Two Halo Infinite Characters

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The latest round of Halo Infinite leaks centers around two new Halo characters.

We know they’re likely true as well, since both the Halo Infinite character leaks come from official sources.

Voice actor Verlon Roberts accidentally leaked Spartan Griffin during a Fadam and Friends podcast episode.

Verlon Roberts Halo leak coincides with a Halo Mega Construx leak from February and adds new context to it.

Roberts also leaked Halo Infinite’s release date in the same interview.

He said Halo Infinite would release in November 2021.

While that’s a reasonable assumption to make given its original release date meant to coincide with the Xbox Series X release, it should be viewed with the usual skepticism until 343 Industries makes an official announcement.

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Voice Actor and Toy Maker Leak Two Halo Infinite Characters

The Mega Construx Halo Infinite leak shows Spartan Griffin and an as-yet unknown Spartan named Spartan Trailblazer or possibly Spartan Stone.

Griffin corresponds with Roberts’ leak, and based on the Mega Construx image, it seems Griffin will wear purple armor in the game.

The Mega Construx images come from Twitter leaker @megabloxnews, though the images were originally posted on Target’s website before the retailer removed them.

Plenty of additional Mega Construx Halo Infinite listings remain, but none relate to unannounced materials anymore.

How these two new Halo Infinite characters fit into the story is another matter.


343 has kept quiet on Halo Infinite’s story up to now, and we’re still waiting for more Halo Infinite news, including word of an official release date.

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