Halo 5 Drops Map Veto Feature

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When it comes to multiplayer maps, currently, most first-person shooters present players with the option to vote upon the selection of their upcoming map.

However, for Halo fans, this option will no longer be available in Halo 5: Guardians.


This decision was confirmed on Twitter by 343 Industries executive producer, Josh Holmes., who stated, "No voting or veto, just straight rotation," in a reply to a fan’s tweet.

@GDO_TWITS No voting or veto, just straight rotation.
— Josh Holmes (@JoshingtonState)
September 7, 2015

The ability to vote on maps is a great feature, but can lead to a decline in variety, as some popular maps tend to hog the rotation, while others receive far less action. This decision is most likely 343 Industries way of combating any extreme map favouritism.


There’s no additional information in regards to the removal of map voting, but more info will likely surface before release on October 27th.

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