Halo 3 ODST Audio Logs: Map Locations Guide And How To Find All 30 Collectibles?

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Halo 3: ODST arrives on PC this week with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. If you’re looking to hunt for Xbox Live achievements, you can score 31 of them — for a total of 165 gamerscore — simply by collecting all of the audio-log collectibles scattered throughout the map.

You can grab 29 of the audio logs in the “Mombasa Streets” overworld segments of the game; the 30th and final log is located in the ninth, penultimate campaign mission, “Data Hive.” If you’re just trying to get these all in one go, play on easy to minimize Covie resistance.


Hit the back button on your controller to consult ODST’s in-game map, pop on your favorite gaming podcast or an audiobook, and get comfortable for the first 29 of these. The video below is recorded at double speed, so it’s an easy reference if you get lost at any point.

If you click on the map above to view it at full size, you’ll see numbers on each of the log locations; this is the Halo wiki’s recommended order for picking them up. You’ll want to mark each one with a custom waypoint on the in-game map as you work your way through them.

When your patience runs thin, just hop on a mongoose for some extra speed. Stay in VISR (“visor”) mode and watch for audiovisual cues that call attention to areas you might otherwise overlook. Blinking police cars and ringing phones are usually there to tell you there’s an audio log nearby.

You’ll definitely want to do these in the order below.

All 30 ODST audio-log locations

Audio log 1: Mombasa Streets — phone bank


Head northeast from Rally Point Eight (this is where you should spawn in), follow the street through gate eight, and look for a “53” above a bank of payphones. One of the phones will glow; it contains the first audio log.

Audio log 2: Mombasa Streets — ATM machine

Head south through gate five, and look for a well-lit building on your right just down the road. Ascend the ramp and look for the highlighted ATM machine to the right of the entrance; there’s your second audio log.

Audio log 3: Mombasa Streets — city square

Head west a ways until you hit what looks like a city square — a circular hub — near the center of the Mombasa Streets overworld. In the corner, you’ll find a row of ATM machines with a bright-lit marquee above them, which reads: “Slow down.” That’s audio log number three.

Audio log 4: Mombasa Streets — payphone

Go southeast, keep right, and make your way to the next large area down the street. You’ll find an illuminated building set back a ways, on your right, with an ATM machine and payphone out front. There’s your fourth audio log.


Audio log 5: Mombasa Streets — underground

Head clockwise from here, following the street around that same building till you find a ramp into the underground parking structure. You’ll find an information terminal on the far side of the circular parking garage; you can’t miss it. Skip to about 3:10 in the above video if you need a visual.

Audio log 6: Mombasa Streets — gazebo

Hop on your mongoose, take a left out of the parking structure, and head east. Find the nearest “square,” or circular hub, with the numeral eight painted along the walls. A small gazebo at the center will have several payphones; there’s your sixth audio log.

Audio log 7: Mombasa Streets — the side door

Head south toward the large gate that says “Route closed,” get off your mongoose, and take a sharp left through a small, silvery door — it’s somewhat hard to spot. Southeast of where you found log number six, you’ll find another little phone bank surrounded by Covenant Grunts. That’s seven.

Audio log 8: Mombasa Streets — squad car


From here, you’ll want to wind your way to the far west edge of the map. When you get to the cop car with the flashing lights, stop and head to the terminal on the corner. You’ll see a UNSC insignia all lit up, and there’ll be plenty of Covenant forces in the surrounding area.

Audio log 9: Mombasa Streets — near gate nine

The ninth audio log is near the southernmost part of the map. Head southeast, find gate nine (“Route open,” it’ll say in bright green), and look for the illuminated building along your right. Head down the walkway and find another small silver door like the one where you found audio log seven.

Audio log 10: Mombasa Streets — building interior

Head about 90 meters south from audio log nine. Head into another small silver door, and follow the square building interior, take a right at the end of the hallway where you see the target-shaped symbol on the wall. You’ll find a terminal on the right corner of that same wall.

Audio log 11: Mombasa Streets — to the north

Next, you’ll want to make your way about 630 meters north. This is another one marked by a lit-up UNSC insignia along the street.


Audio log 12: Mombasa Streets — rooftop

Audio log 12’s about 105 meters to the east. You’ll find a payphone on a small rooftop.

Audio log 13: Mombasa Streets — ONI building

Next one’s another 120 meters or so to the east. Look for an underground entrance to a building; you’ll find log 13 beneath the triangular ONI insignia. Can’t miss it.

Audio log 14: Mombasa Streets — “Look out!”

Next one’s about 60 meters north of the ONI office. This one’s beneath a red marquee that reads, “Look out!”

Audio log 15: Mombasa Streets — recruiting center


Head northwest about 110 meters from audio log 14’s location, hang a left, and look for the UNSC recruiting terminal.

Audio log 16: Mombasa Streets — “Slow down!”

Next one’s about 455 meters to the northwest. When you see the glowing sign that says “Slow down,” you’re almost there; take a sharp right. There’s log number sixteen.

Audio log 17: Mombasa Streets — sniper post

Log number 17 is about 136 meters to the north, with a slight curve toward the northwest. You’ll see a couple payphones up on a well-lit ramp; look for a Jackal with a beam rifle.

Audio log 18: Mombasa Streets — payphone

Make your way about 145 meters to the east, favoring the southeast whenever there’s a fork in the road. Look for a dip in the road and another well-lit payphone.


Audio log 19: Mombasa Streets — recruiting center

Next one is roughly 100 meters to the north. This is another one that’s situated beyond a small silver passageway. Just look for the obvious UNSC recruiting station.

Audio log 20: Mombasa Streets — “Hell on Earth!”

After that, head 300 meters to the west, slightly favoring the northwest. Enter a large building on the right once you’re near the waypoint, look for graffiti that says “Hell on Earth,” and you’ll see a black telephone. That’s audio log number 20 down.

Audio log 21: Mombasa Streets — Optican station

Head back outside, go right around the corner, and the next log is about 80 meters to the northwest. This one’s in an Optican first-aid station.

Audio log 22: Mombasa Streets — Superintendent


Next, you can walk about 120 meters to the northeast. You’ll see a Superintendent terminal just short of gate three, on your right. That’s log number 22.

Audio log 23: Mombasa Streets — Engineer courtyard

Audio log 23’s located about 172 meters to the west. When you’re approaching gate three again, turn onto the ramp along the left, head past the small door, and you’ll find two floating Engineers. You’ll find the log at a computer terminal near the center of the courtyard.

Audio log 24: Mombasa Streets — recruiting center

You’ll find the next one about 100 meters to the northwest. This one’s at another UNSC recruiting station, on a street corner.

Audio log 25: Mombasa Streets — city square

From here, head roughly 120 meters to the northeast. This one’s at a computer terminal in the center of another big city square.


Audio log 26: Mombasa Streets — staircase terminal

Now, go roughly 130 meters to the northeast. You’ll find a couple of shielded Brutes; take them out and hang a left. You’ll see a small, illuminated staircase. If you’re standing at the bottom looking up, the log’s in a computer terminal on the right.

Audio log 27: Mombasa Streets — recruiting center

From here, walk 160 meters to the northwest (watch out for snipers!). You’ll pass a bus and some Covenant. After you take those enemies out, keep walking till you find a UNSC recruitment station in the corner.

Audio log 28: Mombasa Streets — Optican station

Next, you’re going to head about 250 meters to the northeast. This one’s at an Optican station located in a big, open hub area.

Audio log 29: Mombasa Streets — bloodstains


From here, the 29th and final overworld log’s about 85 meters to the northwest. Follow the road past some debris, keep right, and look for an open door. Go up some stairs — you’ll see bloodstains on the floor — and there’ll be a payphone down the hall to the left. There’s 29.

Audio log 30: Data Hive

You’ll have to progress through the campaign until you reach “Data Hive.” Eventually, you’ll arrive at a brightly lit computer terminal with a lone NPC standing near it. (He’ll be carrying a shotgun). Follow closely behind the marine, and he’ll lead you to the 30th and final audio log.

The marine will stop in an icy room, begin acting suspiciously, and turn on you. So you’ll have to kill him. Log number 30 can be found at a silver panel on the wall to the left of the nearby door.