Halo 3: New Skull Lets You Fly

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Halo 3 has arrived on PC and there's a fun new addition to the game.

Here's what we know about the skull recently put into the game.


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New Skull Allows Flying

343 known for using cheat items, has added a skull to the game that allows players to fly (it's also been added to Halo 1 and 2). 

In the pre-game lobby, you should find a new game mode called Acrophobia. This will allow you to fly in campaigns when holding the jump button.


You'll have to unlock this mode first though by killing 343 flying enemies in the campaign on Normal or harder difficulty.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

IGN's Jordan Oloman gave readers a run-through, "There's an easy spot that I used to unlock the skull in the Campaign map The Storm. Press on until you get to the second outdoors area and head inside until you come across a room with a rocket launcher. A dropship will spawn and send tons of bugs flying into the room. Simply pelt them with rockets and swap to your Battle Rifle to mop them up, then blow yourself up with a grenade to rinse and repeat."

Another way of doing this posted by Blazing Hellion on HaloWayPoint, "Load up Crows Nest on normal. Play through as normal until you get to the part with buggers. Just quickly get to the mini gun that is on the far left and aim at the large pipe. Kill the buggers, make sure to leave some, and revert to checkpoint. Rinse and repeat."


As mentioned previously, the new skull can be used in the first two Halos as well, more opportunities to wreak havoc!