How to Change FOV in Halo Infinite

Changing your FOV in Halo Infinite is an important aspect of perfecting your gameplay and getting your settings right. Without the ability to tweak your field of view, you might not be able to sort your Halo Infinite settings, so here's a quick explainer.

How to Change Your Halo Infinite FOV

Here are the simple steps you need to take to change your Halo Infinite field of view setting:

  1. Open the menu when not in a match (on Xbox that's by pressing the Menu/Start button, on PC that's the ESC key)
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Scroll over to "Video"
  4. Tweak your FOV with the slider in the top option of the menu

It's that simple! The default value is 78°, but we've ramped it up to 95° to help with seeing a bit of a wider angle of action around us.

Now that's all sorted, you'd better make sure you're ready to fight! We have all kinds of handy advice to help you improve, including interactive Halo Infinite maps, as well as our Halo Infinite best guns tier list.

Both of these bad boys will hopefully become invaluable to your experience in the game, and with your newly-expanded field of view, you'll be an unstoppable Spartan in no time.

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