All Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact Map Locations

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Halo Infinite's Forerunner Artifacts are a key piece of lore info in Halo Infinite, giving you all manner of fascinating tidbits and teaching you more about the origins of Zeta Halo. So, where do you go to look for the Forerunner Artifacts in Halo Infinite?

Lucky for you, we've got a handy map with the locations of all 7 Forerunner Artifacts right here.

All Forerunner Artifacts Locations Map

Here are all 7 of the Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations, sorted in an interactive map! If you're a completionist or just want more detail on the Forerunner Artifact locations, why not check out our full Halo Infinite map?

Collecting Forerunner Archives will reward you with Artifact Audio Logs pertaining to the history of the Forerunners and Zeta Halo's origin.

You can collect them in any order before revisiting them in your menu screen if you want to get the whole Forerunner history lesson in one go. They aren't too tricky to find, and you won't need to do any silly parkour as you did for finding all the Halo Infinite skulls.

There are plenty more treats to uncover on Zeta Halo once you're done here! We have tips on where to find Mjolnir Armories and how to destroy all the Propaganda Towers, as well as advice on Halo Infinite's multiplayer like our best Halo Infinite guns tier list.

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