Halo Infinite Event Schedule and Roadmap

When are all the Halo Infinite events and special seasonal challenges? Well, we're excited for them too and will be keeping you up to date with each and every one.

From last year's Winter Contingency to the ongoing Fracture: Tenrai event, Halo Infinite has been drip-feeding us some delightful events with themed treats.

Halo Infinite Event Schedule

Here's the schedule for all the upcoming Halo Infinite events we know about, according to a prominent leaker:

  • Cyber Showdown: January 18 - January 31
  • Fracture: Tenrai Week 3: February 1 - February 7
  • Tactical Ops: February 8 - February 21
  • Fracture: Tenrai Week 4: February 22 - February 28
  • Fracture: Tenrai Week 5: March 29 - April 4
  • Fracture: Tenrai Week 6: April 19 - April 25

It looks like they're coming thick and fast! The days without Tenrai will be filled with other events, so you'll need to keep logging on to ensure you keep unlocking all the goodies!

If you're struggling to complete any of the challenges, that's understandable. Maybe we can help, especially with our pages for the best Halo Infinite guns, as well as our top tips on all the Halo Infinite map callouts. Don't say we aren't here for you.

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