Why DrDisrespect Is Worried About Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite has been talked about for some time, and many are eager to see the old king of multiplayer shooters return. Although he has many worries about the game, even DrDisrespect looks forward to it. The logic in his argument is sound, and to be honest, it makes me uneasy as well.

Shooters were not very popular before Halo: Combat Evolved changed the game. Halo Infinite is the latest in a long line of genre-defining shooters. The big question that DrDisrespect poses is: Why hasn't Halo Infinite shown us how it differs from all the other games out right now?


DrDisrespect is worried about Halo Infinite

The Two-Time confessed to being eager to get his hands on Halo Infinite during a recent Warzone stream. He missed out on it during the recent technical test. As stated earlier, Halo is always great; even in the worst entries, it shines. Everyone is expecting Halo Infinite to do that same thing. DrDisrespect even agrees by saying:

"Halo to me was always, especially in the shooter genre, on consoles, what I would look forward to to push the envelope of shooter games. It always seemed that way, right? They would always come out with something, like the gameplay, the map designs, the look of the game, graphics, all of that stuff, it was always like 'Okay, what is Halo going to do?' because obviously, they don't put out an annual Halo every single year, right? It's been six years since Halo 5. Think about it champs. Six years since Halo 5, a 500 million dollar budget. Think about that. Do you know the type of game I would make with 500 million f*****g dollars?"

As a result, he wasn't satisfied with what he saw of the test, which was pretty disappointing. DrDisrespect even said that conducting a public technical test could be a red flag. He said further:

"We're anxious for Halo Infinite, because the industry is just so dry. I don't know if you guys caught anything of the gameplay or the streams of people playing, but for the majority, it's been players versus bots on like two or three different maps. And they had the Slayer PvP happen yesterday. And it got me thinking, and I wanna talk about it, it got me thinking as I'm watching Snipedown, Nable, I'm bouncing around all the pros, I think Ogre hopped on yesterday... Anyways, a $500 million budget, and you're telling me you still need to put out a tech test? I feel like this is something they could have done internally, right? Put out a tech test, hit up a bunch of people all around the world, with different types of machines, have an internal NDA, all that type of stuff. I mean, what are we testing here? I'll tell you man, I gotta be honest, I don't know what to think. There was nothing that stood out to me."

NickMercs stated previously that he would leave Warzone if Halo Infinite had a battle royale mode. Now DrDisrespect is in the same boat as him. The game needs something to prove it is different, and the purpose of the tech test might be to gauge interest in the features already in place.


Start at 32:15 (As found by Dexerto)

His points worry me too.